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Quick Answers To Your Cat's Medical Symptoms
Saturday 16th of December 2017

feline Symptoms A To Z

Select a symptom below to find a possible diagnosis for your cat.

A Chain Of Small Bumps Beneath The Skin
Abdominal Cramping
Abdominal Discomfort
Abdominal Pain
Abdominal Swelling
Abnormal Eye Discharge
Abscessed Sore Where The Cat Was Bitten
Accidental Urination Outside The Litter Box
Acne On Chin
Act As Though There Is Something In The Throat
Aggressiveness When Touched
Anus Is Either Absent Or Covered By Skin
Appetite Loss
Appetite With Weight Loss
Area On Head That Appear To Be Swollen, Hot And Painful To The Touch
Avoids Light
Back Spasms
Bacterial Infections
Bad Breath
Bald Area Of Missing Hair
Bald Spots
Behavioral Changes
Bent Posture
Black Skin
Black Tar-looking Stools
Blood In The Feces
Blood In The Sputum
Blood Vessels Across The Cornea
Bloodshot-looking Eye
Bloody Diarrhea
Bloody Nasal Discharge
Bloody Urine
Blue Tongue
Blue- Gray Tongue And Gums
Bluish Mucous Membranes
Bow Legs
Breath With Sweet Acetone Smell
Breathing Difficulties
Breathing Difficulty
Breathing With Mouth Open
Broken Hairs Around The Face And Ears
Brown Waxy-like Material At The Base Of The Tail
Brownish Color On The Surface Of The Tongue
Bumps Around The Head, Neck And Back
Carbuncles - Lumps In Skin
Change In The Appearance Of The Face
Changes In Color Of The Iris
Chest Pushed Out And Head Extended To Get More Air
Circle That Spreads With A Red Ring At The Edges
Cold Legs And Feet
Constant And Frequent Grooming
Constricted Pupil
Corneal Clouding
Cough That Constant And Dry
Cough That Is Wet And Bubbly Sounding
Coughing That Lasts For Two Or Three Weeks
Crust On Skin
Crusty Eyelids
Crying Out While Urinating
Cysts On Skin
Dark Brown Earwax With Odor
Dark Coloring Of The Eye
Decrease In Body Temperature
Defecation Accidents Outside The Litter Box
Differences In Pupil Size
Difficulty Balancing
Difficulty Opening The Mouth
Difficulty Swallowing
Difficulty Walking
Dilated Pupils
Discharge From The Eye Without Eye Redness
Discharge From The Sheath
Dough Nut-like Or Sausage Looking Protrusion
Drools Out Of One Or Both Sides Of The Mouth
Drooping Eyelid
Drop In Body Temperature
Dry Cough
Dry Rice-like Segments On Floor Or Furniture
Dry, Crusty Skin With Flakes
Dry, Tacky Gums
Dull Hair Coat
Eagerness To Eat And Then Not Eating
Ear Discharge
Ear Discharge That Appears To Be Dark And Waxy
Ear Drooping
Ear Infections
Ear Tender To Touch
Easily Bruised Or Cut Skin
Eating Difficulties
Enlarged Lymph Nodes
Enlargement Of The Joints Where The Ribs Meets Sternum Cartilage
Eroded Lip
Eruptions Of The Skin
Excessive Hair Around The Penis
Excessive Licking Of The Anus Area
Excessive Licking Of The Penis Or Vulva
Excessive Liking Around The Penis Region
Excessive Salivation
Excessive Sleeping
Excessive Thirst
Extended Periods Of Squatting Or Straining
Extremely Sensitive To The Touch
Eye Appears Sunken And Rolled-back
Eye Appears To Be Partially Closed
Eye Discharge
Eyelid Scabbing
Eyelid Spasms
Eyes Painful To Touch
Facial Pain
Facial Rubbing
Facial Twitching
Faint Pulse
Falling Or Turning To One Side
Falling To The Ground
Fluctuation In Weight
Foamy Yellowish Bile
Foul Odor From The Mouth Or Nose
Foul-smelling Watery Diarrhea
Frequent Swallowing
Frequent Urination
Frequently Falling And Rolling Over
Gray To Yellow Crusts Around The Edges Of The Ears, Face And Neck
Greasy Coat
Greasy Hair
Greasy Hair Around Anus
Growth Deformities
Growth On The Skin
Gums That Bleed Easily
Hair Loss
Hair Loss Around The Ears
Hair Loss With A Dark Appearance Of The Underlying Skin
Hair Loss Without Chewing Or Scratching
Hair Next To The Eyelids May Be Wet
Head Shaking
Head Tilting
Hesitant To Go Outside At Night
Hunch Down On Chest While Straining To Breath
Inability For A Male Cat To Mate
Inability To Breed
Inability To Use One Or More Limbs
Increase In The Consumption Of Liquids
Increase In The Frequency Of Defecating
Increased Amounts Of Ear Wax
Increased Appetite
Increased Fecal Volume
Increased Thirst
Infection Or Hardness Of The Breasts
Infections Of The Eye
Inflamed And Painful Ear
Inflamed Lesion On The Gums
Intense Itching
Intense Itching On The Head And Shoulders
Intense Pain
Intolerance To Exercise
Irritation And Inflammation Of The Breasts
Itching On The Head And Neck
Jerking Eye Movement
Keeps Low To The Ground
Labored Breathing
Lack Of Sex Drive In A Male Cat
Legs Spread Apart While Walking
Licking And Scratching
Licking Of The Penis
Lips On Either One Or Both Sides Of The Mouth Will Droop Downward
Loss Of Ability To Control The Limbs
Loss Of Peripheral Vision
Loss Of The Elasticity Of The Skin
Loss Of The Pinkish Color Of The Cat's Gums
Loss Of Voice
Loud Noises Or Touching The Cat Starts A Seizure
Low Body Temperature
Lump That Oozes Black, White Or Yellow Granules
Lumps That Do Not Heal
Malnourished Even With A Big Appetite
Matted Hair
Milk Flowing Out Of The Nose
Mouth Dryness
Mucous In The Feces
Mucous In The Urine
Mucus Coming From The Sunken Eye
Muscle Spasms
Muscle Spasms Around The Spine
Muscle Tremors
Nasal Discharge
Nasal Pain
Nasal Swelling
Neck Area May Be Covered With Dirt And Drool
Neck Pain
Neurological Deterioration
Night Blindness
Noisy Breathing
Nose Bleeds
Not Putting Any Weight On A Limb
Odd Posture
Odor From Discharge On The Head Area
Odor From The Ear
Oily And Fatty Stools
Oily, Crusty Skin With Flaking
One Eye Is Less Visible
One Eye May Not Move Properly
One Or Both Eyes Are Pointed In An Abnormal Direction
Open Sores And Ulcers On The Tongue
Overflow Of Tears From The Eye
Pain And Swelling Over Bone
Pain In The Back Of The Legs
Pain On Surface Of Skin
Pain When Defecating
Pain When Swallowing
Pain When Touched
Painful Breasts
Painful Gums
Painful Joint
Painful Lower Abdomen
Painful Urination
Pale Mucous Membranes
Pale Skin
Pale, White Or Gray Skin
Paralysis Of The Back Legs
Passing Gas
Passing Only Small Amounts Of Urine At A Time
Pawing At Eye
Pawing At Mouth
Penis Does Not Retract
Persistent Ear Scratching
Personality Changes
Pimple-like Bumps
Pink Colored Polyps Protruding Form The Nose
Pink Or Red Mass Protruding Form The Inner Corner Of The Catís Eye
Poor Coordination
Poor Urination
Pot-bellied Look
Previous Gastrointestinal Illness
Progressive Retinal Detachment
Prolapse Of Third Eyelid
Pupils Appear To Have A Bluish Haze Over Them
Pus On Eyelid
Pus-like Discharge From Ear
Rancid Stools
Rapid Breathing
Rapid Pulse
Rash Along The Neck And Back
Receding Gum Line
Red And Moist Ear
Red Bumps On Skin
Red Eye
Red Mass Protruding From The Rectum
Red Or Yellow-pink Shiny Or Glistening Spot On The Gums
Red Skin
Red Skin That Appears Raw
Red Streak Up The Leg Or Arm
Red Tongue And Membranes
Red, Raised Sore At The Location Of Transfer
Redness To The Lining Of The Eyelid
Refusal To Eat Or Drink
Respiratory Distress
Rigid Extension Of The Legs
Rolling Of The Eyelids
Saliva That Is Thick And Persistent
Scaly Skin
Scooting Buttocks On Ground Or Floor
Sensitivity To Light
Severe Pain When Touched
Shallow Breathing
Short Worm-like Segments Around The Catís Anus
Short Worm-like Segments In The Catís Stool
Shorter Steps
Shortness In The Length Of A Limb
Skin - Itchiness
Skin Lesions That Are Most Common On The Abdomen
Skin Warm To Touch
Slow Breathing
Slow Heart Rate
Small Lumps That Appear At The Site Of A Wound
Small White Eggs On Wound
Sneezing Proceeded By A Spray Of Blood
Sore That Doesn't Heal
Sore Throat
Sores That Drain
Sporatic Vomiting
Stares Blankly
Starved Appetite
Stiff Gait
Stiff Neck
Stops Grooming Itself
Stunted Growth
Sudden Change In Behavior
Sudden Onset Of Deafness
Sudden Onset Of Paralysis
Sudden Sleep
Sunken Eyeballs
Swelling Of The Face
Swelling Of The Scrotum
Swelling Over The Bridge Of The Nose
Swollen Area Of The Neck That Is Hot And Painful To The Touch
Swollen Bump On Skin
Swollen Joint
Swollen Lower Abdomen
Swollen Lymph Nodes
Swollen Lymph Nodes Under The Chin
Swollen Or Red Gums
Swollen, Red Skin
Tail Hair That Falls Out
Taking Weight Off Leg
Testicle Pain
Testicle Swelling
Thick Saliva
Thickening Of The Skin
Thin Appearance
Thinning Hair
Third Eyelid Protrusion Over Some Or Most Of Eye
Third Eyelid Visible
Tongue Appears Red And Shiny
Tooth Sensitivity
Tunnel Vision
Twitching Whiskers
Ulcerations On The Outside Of The Nose
Ulcers In The Mouth
Ulcers On The Face
Ulcers On The Tongue And Gums
Ulcers Ot The Mouth
Unable To Blink On One Or Both Eyes
Unable To Drink Water Without Vomiting
Unable To Urinate
Uncoordinated Eye Movement
Unpleasant Odor
Unsteady Gait
Unusual Looking Joint
Urine That Seeps Out In Small Drops
Vision Changes May Occur As The Cat Advances Into Old Age
Vision Loss
Vomiting Foreign Material
Vomiting With Blood
Walking In Circles
Walking Low To The Ground
Watery Discharge From The Nose
Watery Eyes
Weight Gain
Weight Loss
White Deposits On The Cornea
White Raised Bumps
Wound With Pus
Wound With Visible Maggots
Yellow Color Inside Of The Ears And Gums
Yellow Or Bloody Diarrhea
Yellow Puslike Nasal Discharge
Yellow Tinted Discharge From Swollen Area
Yellow Tinted Discharge From The Neck That May Be Accompanied By An Odor


The information contained on this site is for the sole purpose of being informative and is not and should not be used or relied upon as medical advice.
Seek the advice of your vet or other qualified pet care provider before you decide on any treatment or for answers to any questions you may have regarding a feline medical symptom or medical condition.

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