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Saturday 25th of November 2017

Meningitis - personal experiences

Meningitis experience by - Maggie
Leonard North Dakota USA

We just had to put down our male farm cat after he showed signs of meningitis. He began with sensitivity when he jumped down off of things, it hurt and he would hiss. We now know that as a sign and should have taken him in sooner. He than became lethargic, and would not eat much and displayed symptoms of his hind legs not working properly and when we finally took him to the vet they did blood tests which showed nothing so anitbiotics were given. Within three days I noticed his eyes were very dialiated and he was blind and then began walking in circles in the yard and finally was unable to walk when I took him back to the vet because he was so weak and would not eat. The best thing was to put him down. He was a great mouser and will be missed. RIP Blackie!

Meningitis experience by - Steve
Lewisburg, Pa. USA

Our four year old gold tabby was a spunky cat one day and the next day he would not eat and became very isolated. We took Gideon to the vet the next day and blood work was done, but the results were negative other than a higher than normal sugar levels. I found out later that could have been from his stress levels being elevated. So we had a normal blood results but the vet kept him overnight so he did not become dehydrated. The next day he developed a fever of 103.5 and became lathargic. That evening his condition went down hill and the next day we had to put our loving cat to sleep. We were told that possibly a specialists in Neurosurgery could find out what had happened, but he would not be able to save him. I three days we lost a member of our family and we miss him. The vet asked to do a autopsy and we agreed. They found an abnormal inflammation of the brain tissue along the meniges. The inflammation included neutrophils with scattered epithelioid cells, both in the meninges and in the brain parenchyma. Many of his symptoms pointed to and we now believe he had bacterial meningitis. We will probably never know how he contracted this and know one has told us, but we miss him very much and only hope he did not suffer to much.

Meningitis experience by - deannah
Birmingham /UK

My cat has meningitis, he has a rare form in cats which is immune related and only normally found in dogs. After being ill for several months and seeing several vets including a specialist his condition was misdiagnosed and as a result one night he collapsed and became unresponsive. He was rushed to the emergency service who informed me he had a brain injury and was going to die , placed in intensive care and the next day he underwent a MRI and a spinal tape at which point it was confirmed he had meningitis and a severe swelling to the brain. After several weeks in intensive care Harley came home but he was physically damaged by the incident - he had lost the use of his back legs completely. Since then Harley has had a continuous regime of treatment including steroids, atopica and chemotherapy treatment - all to suppress the meningitis. It is now eight months later and although he will always need treatment, the cat who all the vets said would die from this has improved and is now walking.

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