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Saturday 25th of November 2017

Pharyngitis - personal experiences

Pharyngitis experience by - Kellie
Slidell, LA

If your cat has been diagnosed with pharyngitis, your vet may fail to inform you this condition is contagious. I now have 3 other cats with pharyngitis and my cat who was originally diagnosed has it again. Please try and keep your sick cat confined until he or she has finished the prescribed medications.


Pharyngitis experience by - Mischa02
Northamptonshire United Kingdom

One of my cats has just been diagnosed with pharyngitis I am really worried although have been to vets with her - my main concern is as follows - my next door neighbour recently purchased a Bengal Kittenwhich very sadly had FIP and was put to sleep - my cat had been in contact with the Kitten (but not in contact with litter tray or any of its food. I have another cat who does not mix with anyother feline except for the cat that was in contact with the Bengal- should I be worried that this pharyngitis was caught from the kitten that had FIP. Saffy has been to the vets and had a couple of injections penicillin and anti inflammatory) but I am so so worried - that my lovely Ragdoll Saffy might get FIP. Please let me know if I am worrying un necessarily.

Pharyngitis experience by - Kim
Izmir, Turkey

My cat Whiskers,which was rescued from a neighbours garden as a kitten, had pharyngitis which was successfully cured using antibiotics and cough linctus, however recently there has been another stray in the garden that has been coughing and now Whiskers has started again. This is a highly contagious disease and cats should be isolated until completely cured. This took a number of weeks in our case.

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