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Saturday 25th of November 2017

Ear Polyps - personal experiences

Ear Polyps experience by - tiger

my cat tiger has a bloody smelly ear he has been on medication but nothing helps 500.00 dollars later they say its polyps and surgery is involved or its cancer help me

Ear Polyps experience by - donnie
renton wa 98059 king

i have been treating ear polyps in a 6 year old 18 pound male cat for two years nothing seems to work i have shaved his head used ear drops antibiotics and soap and water daily he is beginning to hate me and runs away to the neighbors his right ear is full and you can not see any ear canal his left ear is filling up slowly the ears constantly have drainage and bloody discharge he scatches open wound on the side of his head and is generally looking like a chronically ill cat he is still loving and i feel bad what else can i do beside surgey?

Ear Polyps experience by - Lou
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I have a Maine Coon male with both ears blocked with polyps. They cannot be treated topically and antibiotics do nothing. The only treatment with the greatest effectiveness is surgery. This is expensive but has excellent results in most cats.

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