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Saturday 25th of November 2017

Cat Scratch Disease Fever - personal experiences

Cat Scratch Disease Fever experience by - Dorothy
Seattle, WA

When my son was about 16 he developed enlarged lymph nodes both sides of his neck. He had no other symptoms, no fever, etc. The doctor was concerned about he enlarged lymph notes and put him on antibiotics but after two weeks we discovered a lymph node under his arm pit that was the size of a walnut and very painful and we noticed the fixed pea size lymph node on his left clavicle.
The doctor suggested we go to a surgeon to have it biopsied. The surgeon carefully and thoughtfully examined my son. He noticed scratches on his left arm and asked if he had a cat. He answered yes and the surgeon said he was 99% sure that he had "Cat Scratch Fever." He said to continue the antibiotics for one more week and if the lymph node swelling didn't go down and the fixed one on the clavicle didn't go away then he would biopsy that one.
After a total of three weeks the lymph nodes finally started to decrease in size and become less painful.

Cat Scratch Disease Fever experience by - celia
Maple Ridge , BC, canada

I volunteer at a Cat shelter and was scratched by a cat. My face and neck was covered in a very painful and puffy rash 48 hours later starting from a small rash at the location of the scratch and increasing hourly. I was prescribed an antibiotic that after 24 hours no change and the rash had become angrier and more swollen and very hot to the touch. I ended going to the Emergency where after 2 hours I was diagnosed with cat scratch disease. I was then given Cefuroxime, a 9 day supply.. I started seeing results the next day..It was working . Side affects were Headaches and drowsiness , and a bit of stomach upset but it was worth it.

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