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Saturday 25th of November 2017

Cystitis - personal experiences

Cystitis experience by - Janice

My 10 year old female cat has been having "accidents" on a white throw rug, showing bloody urine. The blood looks very diluted, and surprisingly it doesn't have a real strong cat urine odor. However, it is urine. My cat otherwise seems to be fine. She has always been a complete indoor cat, mellow, and a little overweight. This is the first time she has had any health problems, other than the occassional fur balls.
Please help me!

Cystitis experience by - kristin
Geneva, NY, USA

Cystitis can be triggered by anxiety. I keep my cat supplied with cat nip to help reduce his anxiety levels and he remains on a special Renal diet of dry food from the vet and distilled water. I do not allow him to have any beef products and I give him fresh fish and chicken table scraps when available. He also loves tuna broth from canned tuna. All these precautions have helped to keep my F.U.S. cat UTI-free.

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