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Saturday 25th of November 2017

Inflammatory Bowel Disease - personal experiences

Inflammatory Bowel Disease experience by - Hope
Kalmazoo, Mi

My cat had been very sick for awhile. The vet kept trying to give him different medicines to treat him. He just kept getting worse. I ended up having to put him to sleep because he wasn't getting any better. The same thing had happend to his sister as well.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease experience by - margaret
socorro,new Mexico

my 18 year old siamese cat has had diarrea for 2 weeks but eats, & acts ok. He has lost weight and the vet has tried 2 different antibiotics. I am going to call back before it gets worse. I will write back

Inflammatory Bowel Disease experience by - Barb
Lilburn, Gerogia USA

I have a 13 year old neutered male cat that started having diarrhea and vomiting nearly two year ago. After countless vet visits and blood screenings he was sent to a specialist that did an ultrasound and told us he either had lymphoma or IBD. After consulting with my own vet we decided to treat him as if he had IBD . I was unable to afford the $600 for an endiscope and biopsy. He was given prednisone daily to control the inflamation and occasionally an antibiotic when needed. He gradually became worse and over the past six months he had lost half of his body weight. I decided to try a different diets. Pretty much trial and error. I am finally feeding Henry a raw comercial diet and I put emzymes on his food. We have been doing this for approximately the last 6 weeks. Henry has gained 5 oz. and has not experienced the diarrhea or vomiting in several weeks. He no longer is on prednisone and although I know there is not a cure for IBD I am hopeful that we can live with it. :)

Inflammatory Bowel Disease experience by - Babbitt
Essex, Ontario, Canada

IBS has been a struggle with my 7 year old cat for the past 2 years. The vet keeps giving anti inflammatory pills and what they call a depo shot which is not doing anything except giving me a little longer for his life and does not stop any of the IBS. Now I am at a stand still as he does not want to eat even having meds to make him want to eat since his mommy died two weeks ago he just no longer wants to live or go on. He is so depressed that he has quit eating and I am so worried that this will finish him off especially with his IBS. I would really appreciate anyone giving me some advice on feeding especially the lady who tried a raw food diet with her cat and was the raw food fish? Please anyone out there with any advice on what I can do HELP.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease experience by - Jen
Topeka, Kansas, USA

My ten year old cat started having symptoms of IBD a year ago, right after we introduced a new cat into our home. After hundreds of dollars spent on vet bills trying to determine what the problem is to no avail we have decided to try feeding him a raw food diet from information found here Will write back with results. With Love.

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