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Saturday 25th of November 2017

Laryngitis - personal experiences

Laryngitis experience by - Issy

Just took cat to vet, has been coughing and bringing up clear flem. Looked like he had sore throat or something stuck in throat and felt as though he had fever. Vet gave him anti-biotics and anti-inflamatory, was eating again within an hour. He's still sleepy but seems much more contented. Vet says should improve over next 2 - 3 days.

Laryngitis experience by - Ron
Seattle Wa. United States

After letting my 2 year old cat in this morning, after staying out all night, I noted his meow (which is usually loud and whiney) is weak, crackled and strained. He doesn't appear to ill, eating and drinking nornally. I am just concerned whether or not he could have come into contact with a pesticide or herbicide that many people use in their gardens this time of year.

Laryngitis experience by - Donna
Marstons Mills, MA USA

My nine-year old female cat Sabrina has almost lost her voice completely. She is usually quite a talker when she's about to get fed, so instead of her usual load and constant vocal cries, they were very faint and muffled. My first thought is that she must have laryngitis. Also, her appetite is not what it usually is. Last week a few of my other cats had colds so I was wondering if this may be the reason she has laryngitis??

Laryngitis experience by - Vicki
Plymouth, UK

My 8 year old cat Bailey came in one day as usual for his evening meal and when he meowed at me, nothing came out. He had lost his voice completley! Now he was prone to cat flu as he was born with this as a kitten, so I assumed that he perhaps had a nasty bout of that coming on. Over the next day or so he started coughing up clear flem, especially after rubbing his chin and throat, which he seem to enjoy and soothed him. He was still eating and drinking as normal so I checked out this website to see if it could be something medical or perhaps just a dodgey slug he may have eaten. After seeing the symptoms for Laryngitis I took him straight to the vets, they gave him some antibiotics, so lets hope they do the trick.

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