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Saturday 25th of November 2017

Dehydration - personal experiences

Dehydration experience by - Dawn
Ocala, FL, USA

We are going thru the process right now of determing EXACTLY what is ailing our cat, Oliver. He had a rapid amount of weight loss, and since I could not get him to eat...I thought it had been attributed to tape worms. I had him treated but before I knew it...he had almost become skeletal. He had not been that thin when the vet saw him initially. Anyway...I WANT CAT LOVERS TO KNOW...when the cat becomes dehydrated...he looks anorexic. Don't be as ignorant as me...I just kept trying to get him to eat and the time the vet saw him again, hew was SEVERLY DEHYDRATED. Right now, we are giving him fluids with a bag and a needle, twice a day. The bad thing is...the fluids washed all of the potassium out of his system. Trying hard as we are to save him, we almost killed him! He lost his ability to walk within 2 days...again, I thought it was his failing health...I took him to a different vet, who immediatly determined the lack of potassium...added it to the bag and he is beginning to walk again. We are going into our 5th day of fluids. Tomorrow we go back to the vet so they can do blood work. Because of dehydration, they could not pull enough blood to process. We suspect kidney/renal problems...but as long as Oliver fights to live, so will we.

Dehydration experience by - michele
ogden, utah USA

We rescued a pretty kitty, he was starving and very malnourished. Our weather had been extremely cold, ex:25 degrees. We did give the kitty food and water,and made him as comfortable as possible. We brought him inside after we discovered he had been declawed and neutered.

After a week we noticed that kitty was drinking unusual amounts of water, coughing, and bloody looking diarrhea on one occasion. The ongoing excessive drinking of water and occasional coughing is still a concern.

If this sounds familiar please give us any information you might have.

Thank you,

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