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Saturday 25th of November 2017

Hyperthyroidism - personal experiences

Hyperthyroidism experience by - Bev
Redford, Michigan, USA

My Oriental Shorthair had hyperthyroidism. We had her treated with radioactive iodine. Her first symptoms were excessive water drinking. One day she had an episode where she turned circles while meowing and repeatedly fell over. The vet told us she was blind. After all the necessary medicine and bloodwork, we went ahead with the radioactive iodine treatment. It has been 9 months since that occurrence. Her blindness did not seem to be complete, she could follow your hand at times; and we thought she could see shadows. Yesterday, she began the circling once again. This went along with her being unsteady on her feet and falling over. It seems as though her rear legs were not cooperating. She is behaving like she is now totally blind. She is not eating more than usual, not drinking more than usual. She did end up with irritable bowel from the treatment and is now on special food along with an antibiotic that we are trying to ween her off of. She is keeping her weight up as we do that. I just hope she is trying to acclimate herself to the total blindness and that is why she is unsteady on her feet. I'll be taking her in tomorrow. Hope this can help someone.

Hyperthyroidism experience by - Jewel
Chesapeake, Virginia

My cat has lost a lot of weight and is always hungry.

Hyperthyroidism experience by - kristie

If your cat has any of these symptoms, PLEASE take them for medical attention. My 18 year old cat has hyperthyroidism and it happened very fast. Sudden weight loss and very thirsty are her main symptoms. Left untreated, cats can die from this. After taking my cat to the vet she received a blood test and one hour later I had her diagnosis...hyperthyroidism. I was also told this affects the heart and cause the heart not to work properly. She will take one pill a day and live a healthy, happy life. Again, please take your cat for a blood test that will give you a diagnosis in one hour. Your cat loves you, love him or her enough to not let it suffer.

Hyperthyroidism experience by - red
London, UK

My cat was diagnosed a couple of years ago, and the vet told me about the three options for treatment: medication, radioiodine and surgery. Initially, in order to get his thyroid levels stable, medication was the only option. This seemed to work well and his levels soon stabilised, so we decided to continue with this treatment. I was under the impression that this was a permanent solution.

Unfortunately a year of so later, it turned out that the gland had enlarged and we were fighting a loosing battle: we had to increase the daily dose of medication to the extent that it started causing harmful side effects. Fortunately we were just able to stabilise the cat soon enough that he was able to have surgery, but my vet and I were both wishing we had chosen surgery (or radioiodine) sooner.

If your cat is very hyperthyroid, beware that medication may not provide a permanent solution.

Hyperthyroidism experience by - eric
oak lawn Il

Our 12yr old cat(rusty) male neutered started to lose weight 18 lbs to 12 lbs within about 3-4 months we took out cat to a vet and the diagnosis was hyperthyriodism..The vet did a through physical exam of rusty,xrays, blood test, feces, urine and all came back negative for any other filine virus.The only positive results were for the hyperthyriodism..The vet prescribed the three(3) probable solutions, surgery, radition, pills, and or a new therapy special food..

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