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Saturday 25th of November 2017

Stud Tail - personal experiences

Stud Tail experience by - neva

I adopted a stud from a lady and when I got the stud )which was a seal pointed Peterbald) his tail was jet black, which of course it was not suppose to be and his body was covered with all these large spots, I called the breeder right away and asked her what the spots were and why his stud tail was so bad, she told me the spots were his normal coloration and she asked me what was stud tail, saying she had never heard of it, this was suppose to be an experienced breeder by the way, I told her he was a seal point and is not suppose to have spots and that his tail had such bad stud tail that every single pore on it was sticking out with blackheads, when I gently squeezed his tail it erupted with white heads and black heads out of every single pore from the end of his tail to the base of it, it was so sad. I then explained to her what stud tail was and told her that almost all naked cats have it, expecially studs and she said that hers did not and then I had to remind her that I have one of hers and he has the worst case of stud tail I have ever seen in my 40 plus years of having cats. I took him ot the vet and we ran some tests on his skin and found out the sopts were staphe from the severity of the stud tail, now that is some bad stud tail, I have treated it and it now has to be treated on a daily basis for the rest of his life and the so-called \\\"spots\\\" will never go away, his skin is scarred from the staphe with it and they are permanant. Needless to say she still thinks it is normal and she said she would not be able to treat any of her other cats that have it because it was too gross and it would make her sick treating it, WOW, talk about backyyard breeders. This is why breeders get bad reputations, because there are people out there who should not even own a cat let alone breed them.

Stud Tail experience by - Bailey
Phoenixville Pennsylvania USA

My female cat Bailey has had these blackhead like pimples on her tail for pretty much the entire time I've had her. She came from outdoors and till this day is an outdoor cat..I never really new what those spots where until now. I've begun treating her w/ dandruff shampoo twice a day to help the spots..she doesn't seemed bothered by them but when I go to look at them she tries to get away..they are waxy but do not have an odor. Poor thing

Stud Tail experience by - Segelkatt
Laguna Woods, CA

I had a Himalayan altered male once who had this greasy tail that also smelled bad. I took him to the vet who said he had stud tail. He told me take the cat home, wash his tail with Dawn dish washing soap, rinse well and then put corn starch all over the part of the tail that was greasy. To repeat this every day until the tail was no longer greasy. It took just a few days. The cat would come up with that condition every few months and the treatment worked every time. I have never had a cat since then who had stud tail.
A friend has an older spayed short-haired female cat whose fur is pretty greasy all over but especially towards the rear part. Poor cat is all matted because of that. The vet prescribed anti-biotics and fancy shampoo but nothing has worked. I asked her to try the dish soap and cornstarch treatment, I hope it works.

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