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Saturday 25th of November 2017

Feline Infectious Peritonitisis - personal experiences

Feline Infectious Peritonitisis experience by - Cathey

I have lost one cat to Feline Infectious Peritonitisis a few years ago. The difficulty in breathing came on rather sudden and got wose fast. The cat visably lost weight and the Vet thought at first a lung had been punctured while rough playing with the other cats. Unfotunatly after he got inside and took cultures the diagnosis was made. My choice was to just let the cat stay asleep as he was still sedated from the surgery.

I came here today because another cat is just beginning to show the same symptoms with the added eye color change. I was told this is not contagious and I have usually got 3 to 4 cats in the house. They never go out so I am unsure of how they get this.

Feline Infectious Peritonitisis experience by - Kristina
Laurel, MD

I had to put my 7 month old kitten down a few weeks ago due to FIP. The symptoms came on over a period of a couple weeks starting with lose of weight. I didn't think much of that at first. I just got this kitten and his brother from the kennel when they were 4.5 months old, and had them examined. I noticed he was not playing as much anymore, that he was losing weight, and that he just was sleeping all the time. The week before he died, he started having a hard time breathing. It looked and sounded as though he had some conjestion in his nose, but I was wrong. I brought him to the vet and the did the x-ray that showed fluid in his abdomen and most of his lungs. The prognosis was bad. He was terminal. I made a decision to put him down that day. My advise is: You are not being overly protective by bringing your cat to the vet everytime you think something is wrong. Unfortunatly, there is not a test that can be done that is 100% accurate, so just watch for the symptoms. Now my other kitty is showing signs.

Feline Infectious Peritonitisis experience by - Carrie
Louisa, KY USA

My vet told me that my cat may have FIP, but I'm reluctant to believe it. His symptoms include: fever, lethargy, loss of appetite, swelling behind the eye, sneezing, and discharge from the eyes and nose. The swelling behind the eye just started yesterday. Besides that, he's just had sneezing and watery eyes for the past few weeks. His fever and lethargy just started yesterday as well. He has no other signs of FIP. I'm concerned because I don't want to have to make the decision to put my cat down if he has a treatable disease or infection. Any suggestions?

Feline Infectious Peritonitisis experience by - Debbie
Beaver, Penna

My newly acquired Himalayen kitten was diagnosed with Feline Infectious Peritonitis when she was having pre-spay lab work done. No, she did not have the surgery. That was in January 2009. We were told it was terminal and that she only had a few weeks to live. She had become very wheezy so we opted to have a bronchial wash done which confirmed for Borditella. Which we treated with 2 rounds of antibiotics. She developed abdominal fluid shortly after the wash. We opted to keep her tummy tapped and after having several done every few weeks, she no longer seems to be gaining the fluid. She has had a fever off and on but the Vet says it is typical.
She was started on a high protein, vitamin suppliment that has helped her to keep an appetite. She is bright eyed and seeks us out for affection. She stopped growing when she was diagnosed and has since lost a bit of weight. Our Vet said we need to treat her like a cancer patient. Everyday I question if we did the right thing by keeping her around. She does not appear to be sick or in pain and enjoys her adopted brothers company. She has since reached her first Birthday on June 15th and appears to be stronger now since she no longer is getting tapped. I am grateful for everyday we have with her and could not have made the decision to keep her around without the support of our Vets and their staff. Our second Himalayen obtained from the same breeder at the same time and is 2 weeks older has never shown any signs of the disease and is twice the size of our female.

Feline Infectious Peritonitisis experience by - Redza
East Stroudsburg, PA

This past Wednesday we took our cat to the doctor Animal Kind Vetenary Hospital, he was admitted for more test. This particular Wednesday i had to leave him there, but he had no strengh to complain. The next day i received bad news had feline infectious peridomits. See his diagnostic
Major Problems: 
4/5/12 - Feline Infectious Peritonitis : 

4/5/12, 9:17 AM Feline Infectious Peritonitis (Dr. Mark Gibson)
4/5/12, 9:18 AM Hyperglobulinemia (Dr. Mark Gibson)
4/5/12, 9:18 AM Effusion -  severe abd. - 6.2 gm/dl, clear yellow (Dr. Mark Gibson)

11/7/11 - 15.8 Lbs.
I do believe it was God Will while i was researching on Alexander illness, i found information about the Dr Sass and Dr Al Legendre.   I called Dr Sass based on the available information on the website, he then directed to you for further assistance regarding this trial medication call Propernyl Immunostimulant for cat with FIP that can prolonge a cat life up to 5 years. Since, Thursday that i have been in touch with them in a compasionate i should received the medication tomorrow. So there is a treatment out there to help cat like Alexander. The inventor and manufacturer Dr Sass and Dr Al Legendre were excellent on assisting me with Alexander health condition. If anyone is interested on helping their cats lets form a facebook page for FIP to help poor and defenseless cat. You can e-mail me at to help fight this desease.

Feline Infectious Peritonitisis experience by - Nikki

My 12 week old took ill her stomache had swollen and she seemed off her food. Yesterday morning she didnt seem herself didnt want to play just lye there.Whilst changing her drinking water i noticed she looked lobsided i put her water down and she collapsed i got her to the vet straight away. She was in alot of pain and throwing her head back.By this time she couldnt stand and had no control over any part of her body. Sadly i had to have her put to sleep. Im not sure what was wrong with her just happened so quickly.

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