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Saturday 25th of November 2017

Tonsillitis - personal experiences

Tonsillitis experience by - Maya
Beaufort, NC USA

My 8 year old cat was diagnosed with tonsillitis 6/4/08.
His symptoms were like that of a hair ball or foreign object lodged in his throat. He also had lost his voice. He gagged, was unable to get food down, and would chew, but nothing was in his mouth.
The vet sedated him and took a look down his throat thinking she would find a string or something else. Instead his tonsils were very inflamed. She gave him a dose of dexamethasone and a few hours later he was eating and pretty much back to normal.

Tonsillitis experience by - Jenni
West Yorkshire, UK

My 4 yr old cat Squiffy went off her food and was snoring when she was asleep. I then started to realised she was ill as she was lathargic, was coughing, and was wheezy.. and was coughing up and drooling and looked as if she was sneezing a lot. I took her to the Vet who explained she had tonsilitus, where she as given 2 injections, one for antibiotics, the 2nd to ease the soreness..
this was at 12pm but shes still not eating properly and gagging at anyhting, she is trying to eatwhich is a sign of improvement. She is also less lethargic.

Tonsillitis experience by - jw
Newton NJ USA

My Cat was just diagnosed with Tonsillitis. He woke up 2 days ago with a meow that sounded like a broken Harmonica. His voice then went away completely. We brought him in for an emergency visit fearing he had something stuck in his throat, but the Vet quicky found his Tonsils to be huge and enflamed. They did an xray and ultrasound to rule out any other underlying issue, but determined through the combination of tests and blood work that he had a bacterial infection. He is on 2 Antibiotics (amoxicillan and Azithryomician). He responded to the treatment immediately and started eating upon return from the next days return visit.

Tonsillitis experience by - cheryl

my cat was diagnosed with tonsillitis the symptom I seen was excessive drooling... she had no fever and just would not eat the dry food but soft wet food she would eat. the vet gave her antiboitics and a pain medicine, within a day she stopped her drooling and is much better..

Tonsillitis experience by - cj
buffalo, ny

Our 7 yrs old oriental shorthair has been getting treatments for almost 2 months for tonsillitis. He gets better after a couple days, but then a week later is sick again with no voice and stops eating..he occasionally vomits. The vet is at a loss other than to say he probably isnt getting over the "bug" that he got originally. He also has a small pink spot in his left ear, but ear drops dont help that at all. She has been giving him steriod injections and a longterm antibiotic injection.

I am tired of paying hundreds of dollars to this vet to get an answer of "I really dont know why he keeps getting the same problem over again". But she doesnt let any of the other vets in the group, look at him.
We have two other cats and they arent sick at all so I dont think it is bacterial. Where do we go from here?

Tonsillitis experience by - Gail
North Brunswick, NJ

A few months back, I noticed my cat Ozzy, 10 yr old male, gagging after eating his food, sometimes vomiting. Otherwise he seemed perfectly fine, running around, and playing. After a few days of seeing this happen, I took him to the vet. Upon examination, the vet said his tonsils were inflamed, and he also had bleeding gums towards the back of his mouth, which he cauterized. Ozzy got an antibiotic shot, and another medication. It cleared up within 24 hrs. Since Ozzy also has feline herpes, the vet said the inflamed tonsils could be caused by a herpes outbreak when he gets stressed. I noticed Ozzy gagging again yesterday, so am now taking him to the vet, which I suspect is the inflamed tonsils.

Tonsillitis experience by - Karen

Muffassa my 13 year old male tabby would not eat or drink..
was lethargic and would raise his head and swallow.looked like he was in pain each time; he was very hot to touch..
went to our great vet and he was diagnosed with tonsilitis.
He was given subcutaneous fluids,an ant-inflamitory injection and a 1ml dose of ant-biotics.Blood work has been done too. Next day he was licking gravy from wet food and drinking water.He is on antibiotics for 1 week and will know more when results of bloodwork come in.
Muffassa is on thyroid medication for hyperthryroidism.
Thank goodness for our vet Dr. Kelly Stein without her I would go crazy with worry.
I have 3 cats and love them all.

Tonsillitis experience by - Shelley
New York

Im going thru some issues right now with my 8 mth old kitten. He had "nocarrdia" a rare bacteria that caused breathing problems. He also had symptoms of vomitting, chewing when nothing was in his mouth, chewing canned food off to one side of his mouth...chewing excessively. Has been shaking his head alot too..(and no mites in his ears). All these things were thought to be a part of this sickness he had and he went on azithromycin for 6 weeks. He seemed better...eating probs breathing and head shaking let up. After about 4 weeks OFF the meds, he bagan having all the symptoms again. Back to the vets and he said his tonsills were inflamed. The vet also told me that tonsillitus is "rare" in cats and that he thinks he has "stomatitus"...(even though his teeth and gums are fine..its just his tonsil) I am SOOOO confused right now. He gave him a shot of steriod which isnt helping. I plan on returning and having him take a better look at this tonsillitus theory. From all Ive read...its very possible this is what he has. He has ALL the symptoms. Thanks to all who wrote on this helped me to solve a mystery.

Tonsillitis experience by - Donna
Pride ,Louisiana

My cat has problems with gulping and gagging. He has had this before. The vet did xrays and looked in his throat and said his tonsillitis. She has him on Amoxicillin. Today is the second day on the medicine.Hope he can get well. He is 13 years old.

Tonsillitis experience by - anahata
bremen, al

did any get their tonsils taken out like humans do ?

Tonsillitis experience by - Bobbi
South Africa

My 3 year old cat has had all similar symptoms as mentioned by everyone posting on this site, our local vet gave her a course of antibiotics but the symptoms persisted, and she has received a second stronger course of antibiotics. Her tonsil glands are very swollen and the vet asked me if she pants alot, she does when I take her for walks in the afternoon, but only on very hot days, the vet says that firstly, tonisillitis in cats is very uncommon and secondly he had a case of a cat with tonsillitis that also had lumyph nodes on the lungs which restricted the breathing, and the prognosis is not good. The vet has advised that once the tonsils have shrunk from the medication that they will need to be removed and sent away for tests to determine any other problems my cat might have. I have googled extensively and have not yet found a site where anyone has mentioned their cats having their tonsils removed.

Tonsillitis experience by - Tessa
Bangor Northern Ireland

My cat had no symtoms other than loud snoring for a few weeks. On examination the vet found tonsils swollen to 15 times the normal size. After antibiotics and steroids the swelling remained the same and the tonsils were removed. Lymphoma was suspected but lab results came back showing it was tonsilitis. Thankfully Henry is now back to his normal self.

Tonsillitis experience by - Mary
Dover PA

My cat was losing weight and I noticed she was only eating the canned food and then seemed to have trouble swallowing. She would sometimes take a bite and then run away. She would also gag and run away. She then got shy of her dishes because she thought they were causing the pain. I had to thin baby food and force feed her. My vet put her on antibiotics. She took them for two weeks and he was going to try another week but I told him what I read about tonsillitis. He tried a broad spectrum antibiotic and that worked! She was eating normal in about three days.

Tonsillitis experience by - Jennifer
Allegan Michigan

My 4 year old female cat was just diagnosed with tonsillitis, and put on Clavamox. She started not eating and actually my first clue was when she tried to eat once and jumpedg back and growled at her food like it just bit her, then she took off and hid.

Tonsillitis experience by - Charlene
Plainwell, MI

My cat was first diagnosed with upper res issues and was on ClindaMed , did not help. Then received a shot and still did not work. Then vet diagnosed tonsilitis and is now taking Clavamox for the last two days and see no improvement. This is Thursday and on Monday scheduled for xray, blood work. He will only lick the juice of canned cat food and coughs like he is coughing up a fur ball. Hard to swallow and gulps .... pray that he will get well soon. Not sure how old he is .... he was a rescue ... and I have owned him for 6 years .... he is beautiful and so lovable and loves the other two cats we have and the two dogs. It is so hard to get his medicine down and I feel so bad for him....I pray he gets well soon.

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