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Saturday 25th of November 2017

Anemia - personal experiences

Anemia experience by - Joan
Ocean City, New Jersey

Our cat Baxter, male 14 years old seems to have lost weight, not eating well although a bit, gums seem white not pink, and is really weak. What is your recommendation.

Anemia experience by - Cindy
Morgan Hill Ca

My car started out with sneezing watery eyes and just not acting like herself. I took her to the vet said it was allergies told me to give her over the counter Benadryl . I did twice and each time she almost chocked to death . I took her back to the vet said it was than likely a cold game me some antibiotics and antiinisyime . I came home from work and she seems weaker and more tired hiding under table. She eats well and has been drinking I have only caught her using cat box 1 time I had her checked for kitty aids/ leukemia both neg . Any suggestions?

Anemia experience by - rhonda
british columbia

my 11yr old female tabby has lost quite abit of weight but still eating as long as you figure out what she will eat,it changes everyday,she has had watery eyes does not seem to be in any pain,any suggestions!i have been giving her pedialyte also

Anemia experience by - Irene
Pendleton IN USA

hi. i think my 6 month old kitten has anemia. I have no moneyfor a vet. what can i do?

Anemia experience by - Baily
Lowell, Mass. USA

Answer to number 1 is not correct, I didnt see it on the list.
My cat Baily has episodes where he will start crying while he walks backwards, walking unsteady as if hes dizzy and looks to me like he is in fear. The entire episode last about 30 to 40 seconds and then hes fine, its happened 3 times this week.
He is overwieght, he weighs about 21 LB and hes 5 years old and hes good natured most of the time.

Any help would be appreciated:
Thank you

Anemia experience by - Dannt
Maiden nc cawba us

around her back legs loss of hair . and scabing in her coat on skin.

Anemia experience by - Aijaz

excessive sleeping

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