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Saturday 25th of November 2017

Acne - personal experiences

Acne experience by - Liz
St. Louis, MO

I noticed Maggie had what looked to be "flea dirt" on her chin, so we made our way to the vet who diagnosed her with Feline Acne. Having never heard of this condition, I asked what could have caused it. Our vet informed me that there isn't one specific cause, but several things can be done to help treat the acne.

*Use stainless or glass for food/water containers, plastic can harbor bacteria.

*Purchase a fine tooth flea comb and LIGHTLY comb cat's chin to remove the oily black substance. DO NOT USE THE COMB IF THE CAT'S ACNE HAS PROGRESSED TO BUMPS!

*Clean cat's chin on a regular basis (not the most fun for Maggie, but she's learned to accept her fate!) with a mild soap (Ivory). I use very little soap and LOTS of water.

*Hydrogen Peroxide/Water solution-I use 1/2 eye dropper of peroxide per cup of water.

*Maggie was given a prescription of Clavamox drops that helped, although it was a challenge to get her hold still long enough to take the dropper full of meds!

Good luck, hope this helps!

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