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Saturday 25th of November 2017

Gastritis - Chronic - personal experiences

Gastritis - Chronic experience by - Friday
Plano / Texas / USA

Vomits after eating, usually whole cat food pieces after gorging. Competes with two other cats, all three fed at the same time same amounts. Other cats have no problems, but same cat gets sick no matter what food is given - even sensitive diet foods.

Gastritis - Chronic experience by - Judy
Wise, VA

I was given two kittens by my daughter. One is a long haired grey and white. The other is a grey and black Tabby. The Tabby started, at the age of five weeks, having spells of vomiting. He vomits three or four times one day every four or fives weeks. He does not seem to be ill the next day. I also have a friend who has a Tabby who does the same thing. I am wondering if the breed has a tendency to have gastritis.

Gastritis - Chronic experience by - Laura
New Smyrna Beach, US

This was helpful and gave me peace of mind...I will cal my vet now to set appt. Thank you

Gastritis - Chronic experience by - Cindy

12 yr old cat that has chronic diarrhea and vomiting. He gets slightly better with canned food vs dry. This was an outdoor(barn/woods) cat until 3 yrs ago. Now he comes and goes through a cat door. He is outside for maybe an 1-2 hrs/day and not at night. He is and has always been current on shots.

Gastritis - Chronic experience by - Dana
Spartanburg south carolina usa

My mother has a cat that may have this condition he does eat foreign objects sometimes and has had vomiting and a lot of weight loss also a very dull coat and will not eat.

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