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Quick Answers To Your Cat's Medical Symptoms
Saturday 25th of November 2017

Diabetes - personal experiences

Diabetes experience by - betsy
jacksonville,fl usa

Eye Blinking, muscle twitching, possible preliminary to full blown seizure, syrup coated food usually relieves the symptoms within several minutes but at times takes 30 min or longer for twitching to subside. Cat appears normal following episode and falls asleep.

Diabetes experience by - Hilda
Canada Prince Edward Island

My cat needed to be given two needles a day.He was I thought a beautiful chubby cat,but I found out chubby can be a bad thing for your kitty.He would go into shock frequently and we would rush him to the Vet for i.v.glucose treatment since we could not get enough sweet into him to bring him around.Unfortunately after five years I had to make the decision to let him go because he had no quality of life.This was six years ago and I think of him everyday and miss him dearly.I want to tell people not to hold on to them for too long for your sake.For their sake let them go when it is time.I have cats now ,but they will never replace him.

Diabetes experience by - diane
tempe az

my cat merlin lived to be 18 years old the last 6 with diabetes. he got 2 shots a day 12 hours apart and was healthy and happy. the trick is to make sure your cat gets his 2 shots at the same time every day if possible. your cat will not mind the shot when given food at the same time. make sure kitty starts eating before giving the shot. you and your cat will be just fine and have many more happy years together.

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