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Saturday 25th of November 2017

Abscess - personal experiences

Abscess experience by - kim

my first kitten had a large growing bump (abscess) once on his hip & next on the top of his head (became quite large) he acted docile - both popped & white milky pus came out. we used antibiotic ointment for the open sore & oral antibiotic - he was fine. later another kitten got a abscess on her cheek - she is not doing as well - maybe the location. we don't know why the kittens developed these cysts
i suggest taking your cat to the vet if you can afford it - but if you can't afford it - this may help

Abscess experience by - Emily

My cat had apparently been bitten several times on her bottom near her tail. One of the bites turned into an abscess - this was undetected by us for a week. It burst and we had to take her to the vets who shaved the area gave her an injection of antibiotics and she had to wear a clear plastic collar over her head to stop her from trying to lick and clean the wound. Not very happy with this as you can imagine, but it was amazing within 5 days the wound had closed up and after a further 4 days the scab dropped off.

The vet was convinced it was another cat that had bitten her, said could tell by the distance between the bites.

Abscess experience by - leo
chatsworth, ca

Absess on forhead into nose, popped w green and bloody discharge

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