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Saturday 25th of November 2017

Pleural Effusion - personal experiences

Pleural Effusion experience by - Coleen
Weatherly, Pa

My cat starting breathing heavily once in awhile, I thought it was do to the heat in the house, as I had a coal stove in my sun room and was hot. My cat Oscar went on like that for 3 weeks only occasionally did she breath heavily. Unfortunately, as time passed the breathing became worse, when I did seek medical treatment for her it was too late, she had so much fluid in her, they could not get it all out, and when they did take some out her lungs would not open as they were closed for to long. I loved my cat and it broke my heart to have her put down, but she would of only suffered. If I only new the signs to look for my Oscar may be alive, she was only 4. I feel as if I failed her as she trusted me. She was put to sleep 1-30-12 at 3:30 am as I held her. I was told that she hid her weakness from me as all cats did. I love you Oscar........

Pleural Effusion experience by - Clair

My 16yr old male cat went off his food about two weeks ago and so I thought he had a bug of something minor. I tried re-worming etcc and different foods thinking he was going through a fussy phase. Then his breathing bacame bad. I noticed his abdomen contracting faster and harder and he went a little quiet. I took him to the vets where his heart was beating at 200 very high. I booked him in for the next morning for xray. The vet confirmed he had pleural effusion and she did not appear optimistic, she explained that if they drained the fluid he may only have 1-2mths max. I made the decision to have him put to sleep and I am so devasated. I just hope I made the right decision but I could not have seem him suffer but at least he had 16 good healthy years. I love you matex

Pleural Effusion experience by - Johanne
N.-B. Canada

One of my cat has pleural infusion and I was also told she did not have long to go on November 4th 2014. It is February now and she is doing good with a medication they give her for the water on her lungs. I am glad I did not take any drastic decission and I still have her with me.

Pleural Effusion experience by - susan

My cart Zesty was euthanized two days ago. she stopped eating for the most part, and had labored breathing. radiographs revealed pleural effusion in one lung. they remoived some and sent her home with me, and sent samples out for testing. the results said probably FIP and I was told no need for a culture and no further treatment. I had her euthankized the same day, so she would not suffer, She was barely eating and hardly drinking. Did I do the right thing?

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