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Friday 24th of November 2017

Malabsorption Syndrome - personal experiences

Malabsorption Syndrome experience by - Adriana
Kamloops, BC

Bailey came to me a year ago from some acquaintances. She was throwing up 4-7 times per week. I changed dry foods a few times thinking I was dealing with chronic hairballs. Took her to a vet who ran $400 worth of tests to tell me chronic hairballs. Decided after internet research to dry wet food. Took lots of trial and error to find one she liked. After a few months of wet food, her previous vomiting was replaced with chronic diarrhea and she was extremely thin. Her shoulder blades, spine and hips are quite pronounced.

Took her to another vet, a feline specialist who diagnosed malabsorbtion and prescribed pancreatic enzymes to help her digest her food. With the amount of daily calories she had been consuming for months with no weight gain, this solution was very exciting for me!

She has been on enzymes with her food for a week and a half now and I have seen notable differences in her. Eyes are clear and alert, much more active and curious, jumping onto things, exploring new rooms. Canned pumpkin was key to solving the diarrhea problem. She is now on a grain-free, part raw diet. She is fed twice a day. Her morning meal is:

-1/4 cup chicken Wellness chicken canned
-2 medallion of Natures Variety raw chicken
-1 tablespoon canned pumpkin
-1/2 pill of pancreatic enzymes
-1/2 pump grizzly salmon oil for omega 3 fatty acids
-1/4 tsp Min Green vitamin/mineral supplement

She is improving by the day and putting on weight :)

Malabsorption Syndrome experience by - Teresa
Springfield, Missouri , USA

When my husband took our cat (her name was Spotimus) to the vet they said she was a healthy weight. I knew this was wrong as we have 13 other cats. She had an extremely large appetite always eating like she was starving to death she had diarrhea, the vet was informed of this yet my cat went undiagnosed. She was put on antibiotics. She died 2 days ago. Starved to death, literally. We spent the last 2 weeks of her life syringe feeding her. Fighting each infection with antibiotics bought online and at pet and feed stores. As one infection would clear another would pop up.. she was so weak. If you live in Springfield Missouri and you have cats, do your research. Know what your cat has before going to the vet. They will charge you hundreds of dollars for tests and tell you it will be hundreds more before they can find a diagnosis. I had the same information that vet had and found her diagnosis in no time, unfortunately it was too late for my sweet Spotimus. She died in my arms. If this information saves one cat I will thank God. No cat should suffer starvation especially not a cat that has owners she trusts with her life. I will never forgive myself for not doing the research sooner. All the info is online. Please look it up do not just trust that all vets know what they are talking about. They are all as greedy as human Doctors and will perform as many unnecessary tests as you can pay for.

Malabsorption Syndrome experience by - Betsy

My cat, Nichols, has been diagnosed with either malabsorption or cancer--no tests were run. He weighs two pounds and I feed him every time he wants food which is sometimes 6 or 8 times a day. Only recently has hew anted a lot of food and yet lost down in a very short time to this horrid condition of skin and bones. His overall health is good, but the diarrhea is killing him. At the time he is on an antibiotic (one that never did any good before) and prednisone for the last four days, plus fluids. I pray that he makes it, I am sorry to say that every vet I have ever taken him to before has proved to be uninterested, uncaring (except about the money) and generally not worth much. I took him to doctors numerous times, but nothing worked and after they had seen him more than once, they gave up. He seems a bit better today. The last vet did not mention pancreatic enzymes, vitamins or raw diets. She did come up with this theory which is better than the others. Nichols future is uncertain--I just pray he has one.

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