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Saturday 25th of November 2017

Bloat - personal experiences

Bloat experience by - Patti
Richland, WA.USA

We found an abandoned unaltered, aprox. 9 mo. old male cat about 2 months ago. We noticed a few weeks back his sides seem "bloated"...he has a great appetite so at first we thought he was just "fat". But, now we realize there is something underlying. He is very mellow and doesn't play as most young cats would, just content to lay in the sun...He has normal looking bowel movements and urination. He doesn't seem to be in any discomfort. We havn't had him to a Vet yet.$$$$

Bloat experience by - Alexandra
High Springs, FL Gilchrist County

One of our four cats started to look wider that usual. This progressed over a period of about a week, then he lost his appetite. We took him to the vet and they drained about two lbs. of fluid from his body. His heart, liver and kidneys checked out normal. Blood tests showed that his protein levels were way below normal.

The vet was "mystified", but we all decided that his food should be changed. He had been eating canned Purina Friskies for a couple of years, supplemented occasionally with homemade cat food of cooked chicken or salmon plus feline vitamin supplement to add taurine to the homemade food.

Reflecting on the situation, we thought that the other three cats may have actually gone through a similar set of symptoms during the previous weeks. We also noticed that the Purina Friskies canned pate food recently was packaged differently, and that the cats refused to eat the salmon pate for a brief period, even though that was always one of their favorites. We wondered if there had been a bad batch or that the manufacturer had recently changed the ingredients or the source of ingredients.

The other three cats apparently got over the problem on their own and they seem normal now. We are closely monitoring the fourth cat and will probably have to take him back to the vet for another draining. All the cats have been switched to Felidae canned food and other "human grade ingredients" brands and I will be making a lot more homemade food for them.

We wondered if other people feeding the canned Friskies food have had similar experiences.

Bloat experience by - Scott

My cat is 16 yrs old also has Thyroidism & after I took her in for a Blood Test.. the Doctor said to give her 1 pill - 5mg a day for life. Her weight was going in the right direction until her stomach was getting bloated on the sides. I thought maybe the pills I was giving her was causing my cat to have the same bloating issue, But now she lost the weight around her back bone. Her Stomach is still wide. we also noticed she was peeing less in & out of the box and different area`s around the house. when I read about the lady in Florida about friskies, I Thought for a second. Hey! I think I use that Same brand, So I got up and checked the cabinet, I was using friskies pate & I remembered when feeding her Friskies can food (Salmon pate). My Cat did not want to eat it either. So I stopped buying the salmon but not the product Friskies.. I`m going to change her food Brand just to see if it makes any difference.

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