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Quick Answers To Your Cat's Medical Symptoms
Saturday 25th of November 2017

Cat symptoms that start in the Eye area

Select a eye symptom below to continue your cat medical diagnosis.
Abnormal Eye Discharge
Blood Vessels Across The Cornea
Bloodshot-looking Eye
Changes In Color Of The Iris
Constricted Pupil
Corneal Clouding
Crusty Eyelids
Dark Coloring Of The Eye
Differences In Pupil Size
Dilated Pupils
Discharge From The Eye Without Eye Redness
Drooping Eyelid
Eye Appears Sunken And Rolled-back
Eye Appears To Be Partially Closed
Eye Discharge
Eyelid Scabbing
Eyelid Spasms
Eyes Painful To Touch
Hair Next To The Eyelids May Be Wet
Infections Of The Eye
Jerking Eye Movement
Loss Of Peripheral Vision
Mucus Coming From The Sunken Eye
Night Blindness
One Eye Is Less Visible
One Eye May Not Move Properly
One Or Both Eyes Are Pointed In An Abnormal Direction
Overflow Of Tears From The Eye
Pawing At Eye
Pink Or Red Mass Protruding Form The Inner Corner Of The Catís Eye
Progressive Retinal Detachment
Prolapse Of Third Eyelid
Pupils Appear To Have A Bluish Haze Over Them
Pus On Eyelid
Red Eye
Redness To The Lining Of The Eyelid
Rolling Of The Eyelids
Sensitivity To Light
Sunken Eyeballs
Third Eyelid Protrusion Over Some Or Most Of Eye
Third Eyelid Visible
Tunnel Vision
Unable To Blink On One Or Both Eyes
Uncoordinated Eye Movement
Vision Changes May Occur As The Cat Advances Into Old Age
Vision Loss
Watery Eyes
White Deposits On The Cornea


The information contained on this site is for the sole purpose of being informative and is not and should not be used or relied upon as medical advice.
Seek the advice of your vet or other qualified pet care provider before you decide on any treatment or for answers to any questions you may have regarding a feline medical symptom or medical condition.

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