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Quick Answers To Your Cat's Medical Symptoms
Friday 19th of January 2018

Cat symptoms that start in the Skin area

Select a skin symptom below to continue your cat medical diagnosis.
A Chain Of Small Bumps Beneath The Skin
Abscessed Sore Where The Cat Was Bitten
Acne On Chin
Black Skin
Bumps Around The Head, Neck And Back
Carbuncles - Lumps In Skin
Circle That Spreads With A Red Ring At The Edges
Crust On Skin
Cysts On Skin
Dry, Crusty Skin With Flakes
Easily Bruised Or Cut Skin
Eruptions Of The Skin
Growth On The Skin
Licking And Scratching
Loss Of The Elasticity Of The Skin
Lump That Oozes Black, White Or Yellow Granules
Lumps That Do Not Heal
Oily, Crusty Skin With Flaking
Pain On Surface Of Skin
Pale Skin
Pale, White Or Gray Skin
Pimple-like Bumps
Rash Along The Neck And Back
Red Bumps On Skin
Red Skin
Red Skin That Appears Raw
Red, Raised Sore At The Location Of Transfer
Scaly Skin
Skin - Itchiness
Skin Lesions That Are Most Common On The Abdomen
Skin Warm To Touch
Small Lumps That Appear At The Site Of A Wound
Small White Eggs On Wound
Sore That Doesn't Heal
Sores That Drain
Swollen Bump On Skin
Swollen, Red Skin
Thickening Of The Skin
White Raised Bumps
Wound With Pus
Wound With Visible Maggots


The information contained on this site is for the sole purpose of being informative and is not and should not be used or relied upon as medical advice.
Seek the advice of your vet or other qualified pet care provider before you decide on any treatment or for answers to any questions you may have regarding a feline medical symptom or medical condition.

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