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Thursday 23rd of November 2017


General information on Dysuria

Dysuria is painful urination. The main signs that a cat is experiencing pain while urinating is prolonged squatting while urinating and straining. The cat may frequently go to its litter box due to previous failed attempts to urinate. It is not uncommon for a cat that is affected by dysuria to urinating in locations other than its litter box. Dysuria is a common effect of an underlying condition such as a urinary tract infection, kidney stones, tumors in the bladder or urethra, the inflammation of the urethra, or a neurological problem.

Symptoms of Dysuria

Some of the symptoms of dysuria may be: prolonged squatting, straining, pain, failed attempts to urinate, blood clots, bloody urine, mucous in the urine, excessive licking of the genitals, swelling of the lower abdomen, passing only small amounts of urine at a time, and crying out while urinating.

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Treatments for Dysuria

The treatment for dysuria is dependent on the underlying cause. Should the underlying cause of the dysuria be infection, then antibiotics are likely to be prescribed. Should the underlying cause be kidney stones, surgery may be required to remove them. Anti-inflammatory medications may also be prescribed to treat inflammation as well as pain killers to help with the pain.

Personal Experience

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Dysuria - personal experiences

Dysuria experience by - Fudge
New Zealand

I have a 5 yr old male cat with a painful abdomen,who squats for long periods and has frequent urination.
Our Vet prescribed antibiotics, these worked for the prescribed 2 week course but now he is in pain again. We are about to embark on a holistic approach with powdered vitamin C, cranberry capsules and glucosamine capsules as recommended by an animal health website.
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