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Friday 19th of January 2018


General information on Retinitis

Retinitis is an infection in which the retina becomes inflamed. This inflammation can cause progressive damage to the light receptors in the cats eyes. In many different cases, the retina will progressively become detached from the eye until it is completely detached, but will immediate medical treatment; the retinal detachment can be stopped. There are many different causes of retinitis. The main causes of retinitis are high blood pressure and hypertension. Some other causes of retinitis are lymphoma, systemic fungus infections, toxoplasmosis, peritonitis, or for unknown reasons.

Symptoms of Retinitis

Some of the symptoms of retinitis may be night blindness, tunnel vision, loss of peripheral vision, progression vision loss, and progressive retinal detachment.

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Treatments for Retinitis

The treatment for retinitis is specific veterinary treatment. Whether or not the damage done to the cats vision can be repaired is dependent on how much damage was done when the condition was realized. Should the cause of the retinitis be known, the underlying condition can be treated. Typically the retinitis can be at least controlled if not cured.

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Retinitis - personal experiences

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