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Wednesday 17th of January 2018


General information on Folliculitis

Folliculitis is an infection of the hair follicles. Scaling is the most common sign and may coincide with military dermatitis. The signs of folliculitis usually occur on the face, head, and neck. Pustules can also form in the hair follicles, open, and then form crusts that can be itchy and develop hair loss. A more severe condition of folliculitis is called furunculosis. When many hair follicles are affected, a carbuncle can occur. A carbuncle is when the many hair follicles that are affected causes infected substance to form a lump in the skin.

Symptoms of Folliculitis

The symptoms for folliculitis may be scaling, pustules, crusts, itchiness, hair loss, and carbuncles.

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Treatments for Folliculitis

The treatment for folliculitis is to wash the catís hair with medicated shampoo. If the case is severe, antibiotics may be administered for about three to four weeks to treat the underlying condition.

Personal Experience

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Folliculitis - personal experiences

Folliculitis experience by - Trudy
South Australia

My indoor cat scratched her head so badly that she gouged part of her face off. I thought it was strange that only her head seemed to be itchy. She had to wear the cone of shame (one of those head buckets) to give her head a chance to heal. I have now bandaged her back feet so when she scratches it does not do much damage. Now her head is scaly and scabby, like extreme dandruff. I have washed her head in medicated shampoo and I also use Aloe Vera jelly.
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