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Thursday 23rd of November 2017


General information on Nystagmus

Nystagmus (also known as jerking eye, dollís eye, or quivering eye) is the involuntary movements of the eyes in a side-to-side or jerking manner. The movements will be slower in one direction and faster in the other. Nystagmus can occur in either one or both of the eyes. Nystagmus indicates a disorder of the vestibular system.

Symptoms of Nystagmus

Some of the symptoms for nystagmus may be a side-to-side jerking motion of the eyes, uncoordinated eye movement, difficulty walking, tilting of the head to one side, falling or turning to one side, or dizziness.

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Treatments for Nystagmus

The treatment for nystagmus is directed at the underlying cause of the condition which is usually a disorder in the vestibular system.

Personal Experience

personal experience
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Nystagmus - personal experiences

Nystagmus experience by - Mrs G

I adopted a Siamese-mix (rescued) adult cat. She did not acclimate to my other cat and dog. I noticed her eyes were going back and forth a bit, so I took her int to the veterinarian. She has nystagmus. There is no infection causing it. She is fully vaccinated, so its probably not a contagious disease. I am treating her for anxiety and will seek out vererinary advice from a veterinarian who is more well-informed about Nystagmus in Siamese cats.

I read the other comments and I was quite horrified that people wrote that their cat had been hit by a truck and they did not seek veterinary attention for them. Shame on you!! Also, stop trying to save a few dollars and take your cat to the vet!!! I think its OK to Google for information, but its NEVER ok to practice veterinary medicine without a license. TAKE YOUR COMPANIONS TO THE VET IF THEY ARE INJURED, SICK OR EXHIBITING SIGHS OF ILLNESS LIKE NYSTAGMUS!!
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