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Wednesday 17th of January 2018


General information on Strabismus

Strabismus, also known as cross-eyed gaze, is a misdirection of the eye. One eye may look ahead while the other eye turns inward or outward. Strabismus is an inherited condition in which the muscles behind the eyes are abnormal. Strabismus can occur in either one or both of the eyes. Some other types of strabismus can be caused by eye muscle paralysis or predisposing causes like brain tumors and injuries. Strabismus can occur in cats of all ages and is very common in Siamese cats. Siamese cats usually have congenital strabismus which is when one both eyes are turned toward the nose and appear to be cross-eyed.

Symptoms of Strabismus

Some of the symptoms for strabismus may be one or both eyes are pointed in an abnormal direction, differences in pupil size, tilting the head to one side, one eye may not move properly, one eye may not be coordinated, or falling or turning to one side.

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Treatments for Strabismus

The treatment for strabismus is directed at the underlying cause of strabismus and there is no treatment available for congenital strabismus.

Personal Experience

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