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Thursday 23rd of November 2017

Haw Syndrome

General information on Haw Syndrome

Haw syndrome is the protrusion of the third eyelid. The protrusion of the third eyelid is typically temporary. Surprisingly, this condition is common in cats, especially under the age of two. The cause of Haw syndrome is still unknown, but is thought to be somehow related to gastrointestinal illnesses, since this condition often precedes them. Some examples of gastrointestinal illnesses that Haw syndrome commonly precedes are intestinal parasites and the rotavirus. It is thought that these gastrointestinal illnesses may affect the sympathetic nervous system to the eyes.

Symptoms of Haw Syndrome

Some of the symptoms for Haw syndrome may be the protrusion of the third eyelid in either one or both of the eyes. The third eyelid may protrude only a little or it could protrude over most of the eye. The cat may also have a gastrointestinal illness at the same time.

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Treatments for Haw Syndrome

No direct treatment is necessary for Haw syndrome due to the fact that it clears up on its own within a few weeks. Pilocarpine can be prescribed by your veterinarian to help reduce the protrusion should it affect the catís vision.

Personal Experience

personal experience
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Haw Syndrome - personal experiences

Haw Syndrome experience by - mandy

We took in a female cat had been spade & chipped.
After a week we noticed her stool was soft & morethan normal, we thought maybe change in the days passed it git worse, to a point she was ate a lot & diarrhea worsened. She became lethargic. We noticed the third eye lid rt h OKnking it was dehydration. We gave her imodium which stopped the dirrareha. She started to feel better. Now doing good aside the third eye. She is eating & drinking good. Back to being playful.
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