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Friday 24th of November 2017

Hornerís Syndrome

General information on Hornerís Syndrome

A cat with Hornerís syndrome typically has a sunken in eye. The third eyelid will slip out of place and the pupil is usually constricted. This typically occurs when there is damage to the sympathetic nervous system in the neck and affects which eye accordingly. Sometimes it is also caused by cancer in the sympathetic nervous system in the neck or an infection in the middle ear. Hornerís syndrome is not painful and does not affect the catís vision.

Symptoms of Hornerís Syndrome

Some of the symptoms for Hornerís syndrome may be a sunken in eye, the third eyelid may be visible, the pupil of the affected eye may be constricted, or a slight drooping of the eyelid. There may also be a noticeable warmth or pink color coming for either or both of the ear and nose on the affected side. This symptoms, however, should it occur, is more difficult to detect in animals of smaller stature.

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Treatments for Hornerís Syndrome

Treatment for Hornerís syndrome is not necessary since it doesnít affect the catís vision nor does it cause the cat any pain. Phenylephrine eye drops can be prescribed by your veterinarian in order to mask the symptoms, but is not necessary.

Personal Experience

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