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Friday 24th of November 2017


General information on Myiasis

Myiasis is a maggot infestation. This is a seasonal disease that occurs in seasons of warm weather. Outdoor cats are the most prone to getting this disease. It happens when a fly lays eggs in an open wound, bacterial infected skin, or soiled, damp, and matted fur. Within three days the eggs have hatched and then within a few weeks the larvae turn into maggots. Maggots typically only eat dead and decaying tissue, but some do not know the difference and donít know when to stop and begin to eat the healthy skin tissue. The maggots have an enzyme in their saliva that allows them to penetrate the skin allowing for a bacterial infection. Should the maggot infestation be severe enough, the cat may go into a state of shock caused by the toxins and enzymes from the maggots.

Symptoms of Myiasis

Some of the symptoms of myiasis may merely be visual one. Maggots, which look like small thin tubular worms, may be found in wounds on the cat. Fly eggs, which appear to be small white and sticky, may also be found in wounds.

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Treatments for Myiasis

The treatment for myiasis is to manually remove the maggots with tweezers. Clipping the hair from the affected are allows for better access to the maggots and is highly recommended due to the fact that frequently the maggot infestation spreads much further under the hair. The infected area should be washed with Betadine, providone-iodine, and then dried thoroughly. A no-alcohol spray or a shampoo that contains a mild insecticide may also be used and thoroughly rinsed and dried. Due to the fact that the insecticide can be quite harmful, especially to a weak and wounded cat, they should be used skeptically. Due to the original wounds and the maggots, the cat will most likely have a remaining issue and should be taken to a veterinarian where the wounds and infections may be treated with antibiotics.

Personal Experience

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Myiasis - personal experiences

Myiasis experience by - Anya

My cat Lucy has a severe case of mastitis. Two years ago I made myself insane coming up with $2,000 for an opperation which removed over 26 mammory tumors from her chest and belly. Now two years later, the tumors are coming back and one has grown so large that it has pertruded from the skin. I cant afford another $2,000 opperation and I dnt know what to do. As hideous as it appears, she doesnt seem bothered by it. However, a few days ago she appeared distressed and wasnt eating normally. Last night I went to wash out her tumor with some saline wound wash and found maggots nesting in a hole inside the tumor! OMG, it was aweful. I quickly got to work with a tweezer and a cup. When it was all said n done Id removed over twenty squirmy maggots. Aweful, just aweful!
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