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Friday 24th of November 2017


General information on Labyrinthitis

Labyrinthitis is the inflammation of the labyrinth which helps with the balance and orienting of the body in cats. Naturally, since the labyrinth is inflamed, the balance of the cat is affected. An inner ear infection is a common cause of labyrinthitis, but the most common cause of labyrinthitis is idiopathic vestibular syndrome. Some of the other cause may include: head trauma, strokes, brain infections, thiamin deficiency, and drug intoxication.

Symptoms of Labyrinthitis

Some symptoms may include seeing the cat wobbling (unsteady gait) and walking in circles, frequently falling and rolling over, and has trouble righting itself upright. The cat may vomit or even have a sudden onset of deafness. When you pick the cat up and turn the cat will act extremely dizzy. The cat may lean against a wall for support and keep low to the ground and you may notice a jerking eye movement in the cat and tilt its head to one side.

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Treatments for Labyrinthitis

If the cause is idiopathic vestibular syndrome, fortunately the cat will begin to recover on its own within a couple of days and the majority of the time the cat will be completely recovered within a few weeks. The cat will be in need of supportive care during the recovery process and may have a permanent head tilt.

Personal Experience

personal experience
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Labyrinthitis - personal experiences

Labyrinthitis experience by - Randall

My cat Sparty has Labyrinthitis and is currently recovering on his 4 day. I got home and he was screaming down stairs which he never does and when I when to see what the problem was he was lying flat on the floor with his head tilted to the left, almost touching the floor, and his eyes looked like one of those cat cuckoo clocks where the eyes go back and forth only his were going extremely fast. He had pooped and peed on the floor but I imagine it was because he couldnít make it to the litter box. At this point he couldnít make it two steps without falling to his left side. I took him to the vet they put an IV in him for dehydration and started him on antibiotics. They kept him 2 days and wanted to keep him longer because he wasnít eating or drinking. Well $500 latter I took him home that same day and immediately he started eating like he hadnít eaten in two days, excuse the pun but he seems to be doing fine now. He walks like heís had too much to drink and falls over a lot but he seems happy letting me pet him and purring and falling asleep in my lap. He still has a few week of medication to take and canít jump up at all but manages to walk around OK. Anyway, he seems to be progressing just as the information I found on this issue said he would. Wish all you pet loversí good health and thanks for your interest.
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