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Wednesday 17th of January 2018

Otitis Externa-yeast Or Fungal

General information on Otitis Externa-yeast Or Fungal

When using antibiotics that are applied directly to the skin for an extend amount of time, the natural bacterial flora in the ear canal may change which allows for the growth of yeasts and fungi. As a result of treating bacterial otitis externa your cat may get a yeast or fungal otitis externa. Your cat may also get yeast or fungal otitis externa as a result of a food allergy or other allergies, but most commonly is caused by Malassezia Pachydermatis which is a type of skin fungal infection.

Symptoms of Otitis Externa-yeast Or Fungal

Some of the symptoms that may be observed should your cat get a yeast or fungal otitis externa is that the ear may become inflamed and painful, but less often than the ear simply appearing red and moist. The ear may produce discharge that appears to be dark in nature and waxy, but not pus-like. A sour and stale odor also may occur. However, the signs and symptoms of a yeast infection are not as obvious as in a bacterial infection.

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Treatments for Otitis Externa-yeast Or Fungal

Yeast and fungus infections usually require prolonged treatment due to the fact that these types of infections have a habit of reoccurring. Do to the fact that if you should cease treatment prior to the problem clearing completely and stop treatment due to the symptoms stopping, relapses are a high possibility if you. Due to this, your veterinarian may want to swab the area to determine when the infection has cleared as well as taking a sample to determine the cause. Medications that you apply to the area rather than oral medications may need to be supplemented. The treatment may include an antifungal medication given to you by your veterinarian.

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