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Thursday 23rd of November 2017

Stud Tail

General information on Stud Tail

Stud Tail is an over secretion of the sebaceous glands near the base of the tail. The hair follicles can become infected in some cases. Generally Tomcats are seen with this condition, however, it can occur females, as well as neutered males.

Symptoms of Stud Tail

Symptoms of Stud Tail may include an accumulation of brown waxy-like material that can be seen when parting the hair at the base of the tail. In addition, the hair may be greasy or matted that can have an unpleasant odor. The hair may fall out.

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Treatments for Stud Tail

Treatment for Stud Tail may include using a tar and sulfa shampoo. Twice daily shampooing and a sprinkling of baby powder or cornstarch may help. If the hair follicles are infected, check with your vet for additional treatments.

Personal Experience

personal experience
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Stud Tail - personal experiences

Stud Tail experience by - Segelkatt
Laguna Woods, CA

I had a Himalayan altered male once who had this greasy tail that also smelled bad. I took him to the vet who said he had stud tail. He told me take the cat home, wash his tail with Dawn dish washing soap, rinse well and then put corn starch all over the part of the tail that was greasy. To repeat this every day until the tail was no longer greasy. It took just a few days. The cat would come up with that condition every few months and the treatment worked every time. I have never had a cat since then who had stud tail.
A friend has an older spayed short-haired female cat whose fur is pretty greasy all over but especially towards the rear part. Poor cat is all matted because of that. The vet prescribed anti-biotics and fancy shampoo but nothing has worked. I asked her to try the dish soap and cornstarch treatment, I hope it works.
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