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Friday 24th of November 2017

Gastritis - Chronic

General information on Gastritis - Chronic

Cats with Chronic Gastritis will have sporadic vomiting over a period of days or weeks. The causes of Chronic Gastritis are food allergy (most common), hairballs, grass eating, chemicals or toxins, ingesting paper or plastic. These foreign objects can turn into a hard mass which cannot be passed out of the stomach.

Symptoms of Gastritis - Chronic

The symptoms of Chronic Gastritis are sporadic vomiting, vomiting foreign material, lethargy, dull hair coat, weight loss.

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Treatments for Gastritis - Chronic

The treatment for Chronic Gastritis involves a change in diet. Generally, your veterinarian will recommend a diet of bland, high-carbohydrate foods. Feed your cat smaller meals more often.

Personal Experience

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Gastritis - Chronic - personal experiences

Gastritis - Chronic experience by - Dana
Spartanburg south carolina usa

My mother has a cat that may have this condition he does eat foreign objects sometimes and has had vomiting and a lot of weight loss also a very dull coat and will not eat.
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