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Quick Answers To Your Cat's Medical Symptoms
Wednesday 17th of January 2018


General information on Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease where the pancreas does not produce the correct amount of insulin. The insulin allows the catís cells to receive sugar and is then metabolized into energy. Lack of insulin causes elevated sugar levels in the blood.

Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes symptoms may include eating more food with weight loss, excessive thirst, frequent urination, rapid breathing and the catís breath will have a sweet acetone type smell. Acetone is an ingredient in nail polish remover. Later stages, the cat will eat less and become malnourished. Advanced stages will causes vomiting weakness, dehydration and coma.

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Treatments for Diabetes

Treatment of Diabetes may include insulin shots and dietary control. Once the insulin treatment and diet are in place, the cat can live a normal life.

Personal Experience

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Diabetes - personal experiences

Diabetes experience by - diane
tempe az

my cat merlin lived to be 18 years old the last 6 with diabetes. he got 2 shots a day 12 hours apart and was healthy and happy. the trick is to make sure your cat gets his 2 shots at the same time every day if possible. your cat will not mind the shot when given food at the same time. make sure kitty starts eating before giving the shot. you and your cat will be just fine and have many more happy years together.
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Seek the advice of your vet or other qualified pet care provider before you decide on any treatment or for answers to any questions you may have regarding a feline medical symptom or medical condition.

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