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Thursday 23rd of November 2017

Foreign Object In Throat

General information on Foreign Object In Throat

A Foreign Object lodged in the throat is usually caused by the cat chewing or playing with objects such as string, small toys, buttons, tinsel or other small objects. Other sharp objects can also get lodged in the throat such as needles and bones.

Symptoms of Foreign Object In Throat

Symptoms may include choking, gagging, pawing at mouth, and extending its neck. If the object has passed deeper into the larynx the cat may cough and become distressed while trying to take in air. If the foreign object becomes fully lodged blocking the airway, the cat will faint and become unconscious.

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Treatments for Foreign Object In Throat

If the cat is still breathing, remain calm and gather up the cat and restrain it gently as the cat will be panicked. Take your cat to the nearest clinic or vet. If your cat has become unconscious you will need to try and remove the foreign object as soon as possible. Put pressure on the catís throat below the object so that it will not lodge deeper. Open the catís mouth, pull on tongue and try to remove the object with your fingers, tongs or tweezers. If you canít reach the object, try holding the cat upside down by its back legs and shake while tapping on the catís back. You can also try the Heimlich method. If the object is removed and the cat is not breathing, resuscitation or CPR may be needed while you get the cat to the vet.

Personal Experience

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Foreign Object In Throat - personal experiences

Foreign Object In Throat experience by - Emma

My cat was pawing at her throat and gagging then blood appeared in the spit that she was bringing up. I took her to the vets after a couple of panicky phone calls to him. He knocked her out and removed a long, sharp blade of grass.
However, it still took days for her to stop gagging, which really stressed me out everytime I fed her. I recommend giving it a few weeks for things to improve aftewards - give soft pate type meals and avoid all cats sweets and biscuits that are too hard and aggravate the throat again.
If your cat returns to being eager for food and catching mice again, be reassured and give it time to heal.
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