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Wednesday 17th of January 2018

Strychnine Poisoning

General information on Strychnine Poisoning

Strychnine Poisoning is caused when a cat accidentally ingests this poison that is used to kill rats, mice and birds. Strychnine is a central nervous system poison that affects the nerve signals to the muscles.

Symptoms of Strychnine Poisoning

Symptoms of Strychnine Poisoning may include apprehension and agitation during the beginning stages. After this stage the cat will have painful seizures that last about a minute. Clapping hands, loud noises or touching the cat will set off another seizure. During the seizure the cat may stop breathing and turn blue. Other symptoms include drooling, muscle spasms, tremors and collapse.

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Treatments for Strychnine Poisoning

If you observe the first signs of Strychnine Poisoning, induce vomiting. Donít induce vomiting if the cat is already showing signs of labored breathing or there are signs of central nervous system involvement. Cover the cat with a towel or blanket and try to be easy and quiet while you take you cat to the nearest vet or clinic.

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