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Friday 19th of January 2018


General information on Tapeworm

Tapeworms are common parasites that thrive in the catís small intestine. The head of the tapeworm attaches itself to the wall of the intestines with hooks and suckers. Tapeworms can be less than an inch to several feet long. There are two common types of tapeworm. Diphylidium worms are usually acquired from the cat biting or swallowing fleas or lice that have ingested the tapeworm eggs. If the cat eats raw freshwater fish, uncooked meat or animal parts, it can acquire taenia taeniaformis worms.

Symptoms of Tapeworm

Symptoms of Tapeworm may include visible signs of the short worm-like segments around the catís anus or in the catís stool. If the segments are dry, they resemble kernels of rice.

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Treatments for Tapeworm

You vet will most likely prescribe Droncit or other medication to kill the tapeworm. Flea and lice control will also be needed to kill the carriers of tapeworm.

Personal Experience

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Tapeworm - personal experiences

Tapeworm experience by - Cat

My cats had tapeworm a few times. The vet gives a pill about 3$ a piece or you can buy on All pets must be treated at the same time to prevent the spreading. Clean their bedding, dishes, etc. It's often caused by fleas carrying the tapeworm so flea protection is a must always.
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