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Thursday 23rd of November 2017


General information on Bloat

Bloat can be caused by several disorders and will cause the abdomen to be distended or bloated. Constipation along with the eating of fermented foods can cause the distention. Sudden pain and swelling could indicate a urgent condition such as a bowel obstruction or gastric dilation and volvulus, where the openings at the top and the bottom of the stomach twist, blocking all materials from entering or leaving.
The swelling can also be caused by a bladder obstruction. If the bloating occurs slowly over time, then this could be a sign of Ascites where fluid gathers in the abdomen. Liver disease and right-sided heart failure can also be the cause.

Symptoms of Bloat

Symptoms of Bloat may include abdominal swelling, abdominal pain, retching, restlessness and nausea.

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Treatments for Bloat

If the bloating happens rapidly, rush your pet to the vet. This can be very serious and possibly fatal. If the bloating happens gradually over time, then your vet will need to determine the underlying cause.

Personal Experience

personal experience
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Bloat - personal experiences

Bloat experience by - Scott

My cat is 16 yrs old also has Thyroidism & after I took her in for a Blood Test.. the Doctor said to give her 1 pill - 5mg a day for life. Her weight was going in the right direction until her stomach was getting bloated on the sides. I thought maybe the pills I was giving her was causing my cat to have the same bloating issue, But now she lost the weight around her back bone. Her Stomach is still wide. we also noticed she was peeing less in & out of the box and different area`s around the house. when I read about the lady in Florida about friskies, I Thought for a second. Hey! I think I use that Same brand, So I got up and checked the cabinet, I was using friskies pate & I remembered when feeding her Friskies can food (Salmon pate). My Cat did not want to eat it either. So I stopped buying the salmon but not the product Friskies.. I`m going to change her food Brand just to see if it makes any difference.
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